A south central Pennsylvania town with beautiful scenery.  

The area is nestled between the Appalachian Front to the west and Dunnings Mountain of the Ridge and Valley Region to the east!

A Quick Glimpse of Claysburg from the  Past....

Musselman School Corner of Buttermilk Hollow Road and Locust Hollow Road in Upper Claar.  

Blair Musselman, Teacher on Left

​Education in Claysburg Started as Far Back as 1795!

It is time for another history day in Claysburg. Today we are showcasing schools in Greenfield and Kimmel Township.

We have posted a few old photos from the 1920's through the present. Take a look and if you know someone, put their names on the photo page.

The earliest schoolhouse in the area is believed to have been located near the site of Sproul Lime and Stone near Sproul. The early writings about the history of Claysburg date this school to approximately 1795. This school is believed to have been built by John Swoveland at his own expense.

The second school believed to be in the area was located near Black’s Mills now known as Friesville, and was constructed in 1812 by Adam Black. Adam Black paid James Langham to be the teacher from his own money.

In 1834 the enactment of Pennsylvania’s free public school laws took effect. By 1882, Greenfield Township had seven (7) one room schools with 343 students enrolled and an average daily attendance of 194.

One room schools dotted the outlying areas since transportation was difficult getting to a central location. Below is a list of some of the schools throughout the area.

In 1914 Claysburg had only a small one room building in Claysburg. About this time Standard Refractories in Claysburg and General Refractories in Sproul were beginning operations. Then a two room building was built in Claysburg and another two room school was built at Sproul. It soon became apparent that more class rooms were needed and other rooms were rented.

Then in 1918 Greenfield Township erected a high school building. It contained seven rooms and an auditorium and some office space. The first graduating class from Claysburg High School was in 1920 when 11 members graduated under a two year high school program. This two year program continued graduation through 1925. Then a four year program was instituted and the next graduating class was in 1928 under the four year program. There were no graduating classes in 1926 and 1927.

In 1924 the Levi Walter School was built in Queen and consolidated one room schools in Kimmel Township. An addition was added in 1940

In 1934 the F. D. Roosevelt Elementary School was built. It contained twenty-two classrooms. Later a combined auditorium and gymnasium, a home economics suite, a vo-ag shop, an activity room, offices, a cafeteria and a kitchen were added.

At this point most of the one roomed schools closed in 1934 and students then attended the Claysburg High School and F. D. Roosevelt School.​

​Education in Claysburg Started as Far Back as 1795!​

Dibert School on Polecat Road - Across from Brady's Gas Station

Black School Next to Lower Claar Church - Photo Circa 1927

Queen School Built 1924 - Photo Circa 1980

Sproul School Next to Sproul Cemetery - Across Road from Sheetz Gas Station 

Claysburg High School Freshmen in 1940

On June 21, 1950 a joint venture was formed with Kimmel Township. The joint venture was known as Greenfield-Kimmel School District.

In 1954 the new senior high school was completed. It contained 16 classrooms, a library, two work and conference rooms, a three room health suite, a vocational agriculture shop, an activity room, a three room office suite, a cafeteria and a kitchen.

In 1965 the named Greenfield-Kimmel School District was changed to Claysburg-Kimmel School District to reflect where the school was actually located.

An addition was added to the high school in 1969 with more classrooms and a new gymnasium was erected where part of the old FDR building was located.

In 1992 Queen and FDR Elementary schools were consolidated at a new elementary school near Friesville.

In 2003-2005 major renovations began on the old FDR location with razing of the old school and construction of a new gym and auditorium added along with high school improvements.​

Below is a list of schools known to have been in the area before the consolidation of all schools into the current school system.

School Town Location

Knisely Queen Near Mayberry Claar’s

Boyer Queen Across from Tim Burket’s Butcher Shop

Lewistown Queen Near Diana Clapper’s Home

Fickes Scrubgrass Near Ray Langham’s Home & Old Cider Press

Yelpertown Yelpertown Guy Black, Sr. Home

Shaffer King Old Howard Hengst Home

Sarah Furnace Sproul Sproul

Glass Polecat Halfway up Polecat Road

Dibert Polecat Near Rt 220 Intersection and Polecat Road

Black Klahr Beside Lower Claar Church

Musselman Klahr Old Clair Musselman Home

Friesville Friesville North of Bridge in Friesville

Stine Bullscreek Bullscreek

Berkheimer Blue Knob Turn left off Ski Gap Rd & Towards Ski Resort

Diamond Blue Knob Off Rt 164 on right -Piper Hollow Rd

Blue Knob ? Blue Knob Between Helsel’s Saw Mill & Old Long’s Dairy

Claysburg Claysburg One room school-Blair Musselman’s old house

Claysburg Claysburg Site of Current Post Office

Levi Walter Queen Old Elementary School

Old High School Claysburg Old Yellow Brick Bldg. at Present School Site

FDR Elementary Claysburg Old Stone School was located on Gym Site

If you show an interest in these school pictures, we can post a lot more.

Good luck!

Claysburg High School - Built 1917. Photo Circa 1937

Claysburg School at Present Site of Claysburg Post Office - Circa Before 1917

Claysburg High School in 1924

Claysburg High School in 1934

Claysburg-Kimmel  High School Freshmen in 2013

Knisely School in Queen - Wilmer Claar, Teacher on Left


F.D. Roosevelt Elementary School in 1934

​on Current Site of Administration Offices

Two Room Claysburg School at Site of Present Claysburg Post Office. Circa 1900

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