A south central Pennsylvania town with beautiful scenery.  

The area is nestled between the Appalachian Front to the west and Dunnings Mountain of the Ridge and Valley Region to the east!



Welcome to the website!  We have created a website with an easy name to remember.  We are continually having people ask about the town and area's history, old pictures, stories about the area, cooking and recipes.  Our website is still in tact with cookbook, recipes, life on the farm and family history as well as a detailed Claysburg History,  and we invite you to visit it.  This new site will focus on activities in the area and history.

Whether you call us rural, scenic, historical or laid back, we love this area.   We think that once you experience it, you will love it too!



An 1873 Pomeroy Map of Claysburg, PA

Established in 1804, Claysburg is a mixture of history, family heritage and a progressiveness in business. But we do have a slower pace of life.   

Many of us have family ties going back to the settling of the town. Others who recently settled here may take a while to adapt, but once they do, they seem to enjoy it.

We will offer stories and pictures  periodically like the one below.   Also visit our Claysburg Area History tab for more stories.

Feel free to give us your thoughts, requests and feedback on the next page "About Us" and watch as this site evolves. 

                       --Rich & Sandy Allison





Musselman's Grove Show

June 25, 2022

Tickets are on sale as follows on-line on this website via credit card, and tickets will be mailed to you within 7 days.

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​In Claysburg, you can purchase at Claysburg Area Public Library , Lighthouse Hardware and Peggy Musselman's Flower Shop in Claysburg, PA

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