A south central Pennsylvania town with beautiful scenery.  

The area is nestled between the Appalachian Front to the west and Dunnings Mountain of the Ridge and Valley Region to the east!


Claysburg’s latest mural at home of John and Elaine Smith was done by Eric Feather. It is a beautiful depiction of the soda fountain that was in Dr. Johnston’s drugstore and also in Zerelda Long’s drugstore at their location. It is an artistic interpretation of the Long's Drugstore Fountain in the 1950s.

Hometown Roots of Ebensburg, PA recently published an article about Claysburg's Mural project that is sponsored by Claysburg PAST.  Copies of their magazine can be purchased at Giant Eagle - Roaring Spring and Bedford and Leighty's Farm Market in Newry, PA.  Thank you Hometown Roots and Amber Stitch for a very nice article.