A south central Pennsylvania town with beautiful scenery.  

The area is nestled between the Appalachian Front to the west and Dunnings Mountain of the Ridge and Valley Region to the east!

Musselman's Grove Show

Music and Memories

Saturday, June 25, 2022 - 1:00 - 7:00 PM

Shuttle Bus Parking Free for Musselman's Grove Show 

To avoid traffic congestion and confusion due to limited parking availability at Musselman's Grove, we recommend remote parking.  We will have Shuttle Bus Service no charge from Sheetz Distribution Daycare Parking Lot at Sproul.

Sheetz has given us permission to park cars in front of the Daycare center for that day.  From Sproul traffic light where Sheetz Gas station is located, please turn on Quarry Road to the next light and then proceed directly through on Sheetz Way towards Walter Business Park and the Sheetz Distribution Center and Headquarters.

Parking should be done in the lot at the corner of Sheetz Way (on your left coming from Sproul at the next stop sign)  and Corporate Blvd where the one story daycare center is located.  

After you cross the railroad tracks, proceed straight to the stop sign.   On that corner is a marker that says:  Martin Marasco Business Park.  Turn left and then left into the parking lot.  This is the Sheetz Daycare parking lot. 

You can park anywhere in that lot which has approximately 200 spaces.  Two yellow school buses will make continuous trips from there to the Grove and back.   It is a 7 minute ride to the Grove.   Your estimated wait time should be no longer than 15 minutes (probably a lot quicker) to catch a bus in either direction, and you will avoid traffic congestion and the problems with parking at the Grove.  These buses will run continuously from 12:30 PM til 7:30 PM that day.

For anyone who requires Handicap Parking, please proceed directly to the Grove, and there will be a section reserved for those with a Handicap placard.


On-Line TICKETS Sales Are Ended!

Purchase Tickets for the Musselman's Grove Show on Saturday, June 25, 2022 at the Show Gate. ​There is not enough time to mail any more tickets.